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5 Recruiting Ideas For Your Church Safety & Security Team

1. Ask People Who You Feel Would Be A Good Team Member

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s an overlooked reality in churches. If you don’t ask people, you’re going to be understaffed. The best volunteers we’ve seen in churches have been those that have been asked to join the team by other team members or church staff. Build relationships with people outside of your ministry area and then ask if they would consider serving on your Safety & Security Team.

2. Have Your Church Leaders Preach On Serving

Taking a Sunday morning experience to preach on serving is a surefire way to find new volunteers. Not only will people see why they’re called to serve, but you can also easily show them the need and how they can serve on the Safety & Security Team.

3. Give People A Chance To Try It Out

An easy way to scare off potential volunteers is by asking them for a long commitment. Instead, make sure that you give everyone the ability to take a trial run at being a Safety & Security volunteer. This may be a great fit for that particular role or you find another place for them to serve in your church that’s a better fit. Invite them to an interactive or scenario-based team training session and let them be a role player. This gives them an inside look and encourages them to just test it out, they’ll be more likely to give it a shot. Plus you get a role player for your training.

4. Ask Your Team Members How They Think You Can Recruit Better

Chances are your current volunteers have picked up some beneficial ways that you can recruit better. Ask them why they started serving and see if they have any ideas for recruiting new volunteers. By doing this, you may even find someone who wants to help lead the recruiting efforts.

5. Create A Behind The Scenes Video

Show people what it’s really like to serve on your Safety & Security Team. You don’t need a ton of camera gear, a smart phone will do. Chances are you can find a volunteer or staff member with a knack for video production that would love to help with this project. Use video clips from services, youth ministry, safety & security training and other clips of team members serving. Have the church leadership show the video at the end of the “Preach On Serving” service or at a volunteer exhibit at a Sunday experience.

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