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Church Safety & Security Workshop

Another Church Safety & Security Workshop in the books. Last week we were in Green Bay, WI at Prince of Peace Catholic Church working with over 60 devoted church staff and volunteers to help their churches to become safer and more secure.

Over the past 5 years we’ve hosted FREE workshops across the country. Traditionally our workshops focus on an overview of Church Safety & Security and our Behavior Recognition & Response Program that teaches volunteers how to enhance situational awareness.

Anyone involved in Church Safety

& Security understands it takes everyone in every ministry to work together to keep our congregations safe. We’ve worked will over 250 churches in since 2015. In many of our conferences, workshops, and church training sessions we’ve discovered a lot of people within the Church Safety & Security community want to focus on what firearm or tactical equipment to carry in church or solely talk about active shooter situations. These are important topics but like we explored at this last work shop the most important function on a Safety & Security Team starts with a servant’s heart for God.

This workshop had one of our best attendances of volunteers from different ministries coming together to learn about proactive ways to contribute to their Church Safety & Security.

A huge shout out and thank you to Safety & Security Director Tim along with the staff and volunteers at Prince of Peace Catholic Church for making this a great workshop.

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